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Tuition Scale and Payment Options

Tuition is due on the first day of each month and considered late after the 10th of the month.  A $5.00 late charge is added on the 11th day of the month if tuition is not paid.  ETT does not mail statements unless the tuition is past due.  Payments can be made with cash, check, credit/debit cards, bank draft or made online at our website:  Tuition is charged monthly and there is no deduction or refund given for missed classes.  Scheduled school activities, birthday parties, illness, doctor’s appointments, sporting events, etc., are not excused absences.  In the event a month has 5 instructional class days (vs. the usual 4 classes per month), the 5th class is free; we do not charge extra for this class, therefore, if a student misses a class during a month with 5 class days, the 5th class is considered the make-up class for the holidays we observe.   In the case of prolonged illness or injury, the parent should contact the office to request a leave-of-absence, which will allow the child to continue to be enrolled but not be charged during the recovery period


(note a 10% discount for siblings and/or multiple classes)

1 class per week, 1 child  $60
2 classes per week, 1 child $108
1 class per week, 2 children (siblings only) $108
2 classes per week, 2 children (siblings only) $216
1 class per week, 3 children (siblings only) $162
1 class per week, 4 children (siblings only) $216

Private Lessons
30 mins 1 child …………………$40.00
30 mins 2 children………………$ 30.00/ each
1 hr 3 children…………….…$35.00/ each
* Call for information on pricing for competitive teams


**Tuition is based on a monthly fee, 10% Family Discount**:
Remember at East Texas Twisters Gymnastics, only ONE tuition in your family pays full price regardless of program. ALL second, third, fourth, etc. tuition are discounted a full 10%. (for siblings only).


  • You can pay with a check or money order through the U.S.Mail. Please mail to 14089 State Hwy 19, ,Canton, TX 75103.
  • Credit card is also available, by phone, fax, or email (Mastercard, Visa, or Discover)
  • Drop off payment envelope in tuition slot in front desk with child’s name on the envelope. Mon thru Thurs, 11:00 am thru 7:00 pm +


Class Size/Length: Classes are 45 minutes in length, with a 6:1 student teacher ratio.

What to Wear: Girls wear a leotard. Boys wear shorts and a T-shirt, tucked in. For tumbling, bare feet are best. No gum or jewelry. Hair must be pulled back for safety, as long hair interferes with rolling, somersaulting and twisting skills.

How Many Classes Per Week: We have a little different view than most clubs on this. For younger or beginning gymnasts we recommend one class per week. The decision to come two or more times per week is very personal and we recommend considering more than once per week only after your child has shown an obvious desire for faster progress. Classes are available with pricing discounts if your child wants to come to 2 classes each week.

Our Teachers: Our teachers are USA Gymnastics Safety Trained and specially selected to safely bring out the best in each child by encouraging each child to exceed their perceived limitations. Without question, it is special teachers who have made ETTG the A-#1 children’s program for 29 years!

Evaluation & Documentation: Each student is exposed to a set of core skills, at each level. Once those skills are mastered, he/she will receive a certificate of promotion to hang on their refrigerator so progress can be easily tracked at home. When the skills have been successfully completed the student will promote to the next level.

Developmental Gymnastics Curriculum: Our Gymnastics curriculum is based on the USAG Jr. Olympic Program as well as 29 years of experience teaching gymnastics to children. The curriculum is designed to provide a non-competitive, achievement-oriented program of progressive skills. The curriculum provides areas of conditioning and flexibility, as well. Skills are taught on balance beam, vaulting, trampoline, uneven bars, and tumbling.

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