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Since 1979, parents have relied on ETTG to help their children build gymnastics skills and confidence through their accomplishments in our classes. This experience ultimately provides the foundation, which grows successful, goal-oriented kids and enhances every aspect of their lives. Experiencing success is the key to gaining self-confidence; at ETTG there is no such thing as failure. A stronger body = a brighter future!

Recent studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between physical movement and reading readiness. Neurological pathways are formed and attention span increases through a comprehensive gymnastics program. Early childhood programs have proven the most effective to produce these results.

Did you know…..

…..that kids that are involved in organized, consistent physical activity are found to be better in school than non-active children?

….that of all the NCAA college sports athletes, gymnasts have the highest grade point averages?

….kids involved in athletics, especially gymnastics, are 35% more likely to go to college and finish?

Make Ups: Although it is always best to attend your regularly scheduled class, we do allow make-up classes for illness or hardship.  Make-up classes can be done in the afternoon classes but class structure /program will be different or you may do a make-up class in the morning in the opposite location for an identical class.  Mineola students would make-up in Canton and Canton students would make-up in Mineola.   Please call the office to schedule a make-up.

Policies: Please visit our website: www.ettwisters.comand click on the GENERAL INFORMATION tab, or click HERE to read about our policies regarding payments, holidays, registration/dropping classes, etc., or you can email us at:


Call to Schedule.. 903.567.2916 or 903.569-0021

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