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(just for boys age 5-10 years old)

East Texas Twisters TUMBLING & TRAMPOLINE program is for every kid that likes to run, jump, tumble and have fun, but no girls allowed, here!  This special program is just for boys!! Physical benefits include speed, strength, balance, as well as body control and body awareness.  The enhanced physical benefits not only increase their ability to do tumbling and trampoline skills, but makes them a better athlete.  The agility that they acquire as a result of participation in this program carries over into increased ability in other sports, as well.  Although the physical benefits are numerous and profound, the real value is in the mental benefits that occur as a result of this training.  Kids who participate in this program gain confidence, discipline, focus, and attention to detail. Unlike gymnastics, TUMBLING & TRAMPOLINE appeals to a wide variety of body types and requires considerably less training time, even to achieve the top levels.

Trampoline was reintroduced as an official Olympic sport in 2,000 at the Sydney Olympics.  Now there are 6,500 members of USA Gymnastics competing in Trampoline competitions in 40 states, ranging in age from 3 to 45 years of age!  Texas was one of the pioneer states in this sport and now, there are thousands of children, beginners to advanced, participating in this sport.  As a result of this popularity, many people own trampolines and their children have hours of enjoyment bouncing and flipping on the trampoline, however, like with any sport involving height and motion, there is a risk of injury on the trampoline.  At ETTG, we teach skills in a progressive manner, by a knowledgeable staff, where safety is taught.  Anyone who has a trampoline at home should encourage their children to take a class on trampoline safety!  We offer only state-of-the-art-equipment with safety as our primary concern, offering only in-ground trampolines.  We have 2, Olympic size, rectangular in-ground trampolines (one opening up to a foam filled pit), an in-ground 50 ft. tumble trac, mini-tramp with full run to an above ground port a pit, and an in-ground power tumbling surface to soften landings and help the athletes propel themselves through various somersaulting maneuvers. With one of the best facilities, East Texas Twisters is ready to take the lead in this up and coming sport. 

Policies: Please visit our website: www.ettwisters.comand click on the GENERAL INFORMATION tab, or click HERE to read about our policies regarding payments, holidays, registration/dropping classes, etc., or you can email us at: twisters@etcable.net


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