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Private Lessons are designed to provide one-on-one instruction for our students with an instructor and to have the gym/equipment all to yourself!  The curriculum is individually prepared to specifically meet the needs of the student.  Private lessons are invaluable in helping students with specific problems, meet individual goals, overcome fear in “going for” skills, prepare for specific events, or work on advanced tumbling skills that requires more individualized instruction and time.  Non ETT students can also schedule Private Lessons, but a parent must sign a release form and have it turned into the office prior to taking a Private Lesson.

In order to be able to provide this environment for our students, we reserve the facility and the instructor so you must schedule and pay for your Private Lessons in advance.  We have a Private Lesson Schedule available for each facility, each month.  We don’t schedule Private Lessons on a continual basis, they have to be scheduled individually and paid for at the time it is reserved.

To schedule private lessons, please follow this procedure:    First, either call, visit, or email the office to see what is available in our Private Lesson Schedule.  We have different instructors who do Private Lessons and specialize in all the different areas of instruction.  Each of these instructors provide the office with a schedule for each month.  The office staff can tell you what times and instructors are available.  Once you decide on the time/instructor, you can schedule your class by paying for it (or multiple classes that are available on the current Private Lesson Schedule) in full.  You can schedule more than one at a time, but in order for the class to be scheduled, it must be paid in full and individually scheduled (in other words, we do not let someone take a private lesson the same day each week at the same time, consistently, like we do in our group classes).  One more thing of importance to note is…..please schedule carefully because there are no refunds or rescheduling of Private Lessons, the instructors are paid and the facility is reserved when the Private Lesson is scheduled, and there is no refund or rescheduling if your child is not able to attend.

We do require a parent or other responsible adult to attend the Private Lesson with the student.  This is for safety of both our students and instructors.  Be sure someone is planning to stay and watch the Private Lesson with your child because the instructors have been told not to do a private lesson unless an adult is there observing the lesson.


Prices for Private Lessons are as follows:

1 student, 30 minutes, $40.00

2 students share a 30 minutes $30.00 per student

3 students share an hour private lesson the cost is $35.00 each (we do not allow 3 students to share 30 minutes because it is not effective)

Please call (Canton gym 903-567-2916 and/or Mineola gym 903-569-0021) between the hours of 11:00  AM to 7:00 PM, if no answer, leave a message, or email, anytime: or come by the office during regular business hours: Monday-Thursday, 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM to schedule your Private Lesson, (the Mineola facility is only open during instructional hours, Mon., Tues., Wed., 4:00-7:00 PM)

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