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East Texas Twisters has three locations: Canton,  Mineola, and Mabank. The original canton facility was opened in 1979 and has been providing quality gymnastics and cheerleading training to the community for many years. A new facility in Canton was built in 2000. The Mineola location was built in 2003, and Mabank was opened in 2016
East Texas Twisters offers classes in gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading to children ages 18 months to 18 years of age. We specialize in: 
  • Developmental Gymnastics Training, with classes offering basic tumbling skills, trampoline, balance beam, uneven bars, and vaulting.
  • Cheerleading Training, with classes emphasizing basic tumbling skills, power tumbling, jump technique, and standing tumbling.
  • Competitive Training Teams:, East Texas Twisters also offers an All *Star Cheerleading Competitive Program and GymStarz Competitive Gymnastics Teams.
  • Birthday Parties East Texas Twisters offers you the opportunity to host your childs Birthday Party at the gym! We provide a very well trained and Certified Coach to supervise and provide the children with activities, games and lots of fun while maintaining a safe environment for the children.
  • Open Gym is where Kids from our program or kids from the Community come in and have a great time Playing and working on skills. Open gym is open to anyone ages 5 to 18. (please note that any one wanting to participate in Open Gym must first fill out a RELEASE FORM)
To encourage each child to reach his/her potential through positive motivation with emphasis on developing self-esteem and confidence. Gymnastics and Cheerleading training is done through logical skill progression and repetition to develop flexibility, muscular strength, and body awareness, thus providing a safe progression to advanced skills.


  1. Since God made very few Olympians, here at E.T.T.G., every child       is allowed the dignity to be an athlete.

  2. Our goal is to make every child who walks out our door, feel better about themselves, and be a better person, as a result of their participation in our programs and classes.

  3. SAFETY–first, last and always!

  4. We break each skill down into a magical stairway of small successes to turn children into “SELF-ESTEEM MACHINES!”

  5. Our goal at E.T.T.G. is to be a role model for youth oriented sports organizations, second to none.

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