At EAST TEXAS TWISTERS, we are here to serve the children in this community, and to provide services that will enhance their lives.  Our purpose is to be a “vehicle” to help them achieve their personal goals.  We want to provide the opportunity for them to participate in classes and programs in the areas of:  Gymnastics, and Cheerleading, as well as provide performance events and competititve teams for our students to express the skills that they acquire.   We offer classes and programs for children ages 18 months to 18 years.  As varied as the children we serve, so are the programs and schedules we offer, in an effort to meet the needs of today’s busy families.  Our mission is: “To be a role-model in youth oriented sports and programs, second to none!”  (To read the East Texas Twister Mission Statement in full, please click on “ABOUT US” on the Home Page; this Mission Statement guides all our Decisions at ETT.)   We do this by offereing a state-of-the-art facility in all of our locations (Canton, Mineola, & Mabank), specifically designed and built to facilitate learning and ensure safety for our students, as well as a knowledgable coaching/teaching staff, who are experts in their field, with a love for children and a desire to share their knowledge.  Please see the various classes and programs that we offer listed below, and either call or email us for additional information, if needed.

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(18 months to 5 years old)

DID YOU KNOW… that recent studies in preschool children have shown that there is a direct correlation between physical movement and reading readiness?  These studies reveal that neurological pathways are formed and attention span increases in children who participate in a consistent, comprehensive gymnastics program.   Early childhood participation proved to the most effective in producing these results.  Since 1979, parents have relied on ETTG to help their children build gymnastics skills.  As a result of the accomplishments they achieve in our classes, they also gain self-confidence and independence.  Kids that are involved in organized, consistent physical activity are found to do better in school than non-active children.  Furthermore, kids involved in athletics, especially gymnastics, are 35% more likely to go to college and finish.  Of ALL the NCAA college sports athletes, gymnasts have the highest Grade Point Average! 

At ETTG, the preschool program provides the foundation which will grow successful, goal-oriented kids, as well as enhance every aspect of their life.  Twister Bear Adventures, our preschool gymnastics and fitness program, is designed for children 18 months to 5 years old. TODDLER BEARS is for boys & girls 18 months to 3 years old,  with parent participation.  TUMBLE BEARS is for boys & girls 4 to 5 years old.  

Click on the “TWISTER BEARS” link, above, for more information.



(Kindergarten Thru 5th Grade)

Gymnastics training should be a pre-requisite for all kids who want to learn how to become the best they can be in life! Consistent gymnastics training is a great foundation for all kids because experiencing success is the key to gaining self-confidence; at ETTG there is no such thing as failure.  A stronger body = a brighter future!

At ETTG, the DEVELOPMENTAL GYMNASTICS classes include instruction on the uneven bars, balance beam, vaulting, trampoline, & tumbling.  The curriculum is designed to provide a non-competitive, achievement-oriented program of progressive skills, as well as conditioning and flexibility.  DEVELOPMENTAL GYMNASTICS classes are for boys and girls, Kindergarten thru 5th grade, beginner to advanced skill level.
Click on the “DEVELOPMENTAL GYMNASTICS” link, above, for more information.



(for boys only age 5-18 years old)
Tumbling & Trampoline classes are designed just for boys who love to run, jump and have fun.  Great for gymnasts, backyard trampolinist, and kids that have lots of energy,  but it is just for boys; no girls allowed!!  Physical benefits include speed, strength, balance,  flexibility, and agility, as well as body awareness and control, which results in increased ability in other sports, as well.  Not only do kids who participate in the Tumbling and Trampoline classes benefit from the actual skills and training that they experience in the class, the residual effects of their participation in this program causes physiological changes in their body which will make them a better athlete!  Think of all the sports that require agility, strength, speed, flexibility, and body control.  Kids also learn how to fall safely, without injury.  Not only are there significant physical benefits,  the real value is in the mental benefits!  Kids gain confidence, discipline, focus, and attention to detail. Unlike gymnastics, T & T appeals to a wide variety of body types and requires considerably less training time, to achieve skill.

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Cheerleaders are Athletes!  No doubt about it, with many of the same benefits of gymnastics and dance plus a unique and unsurpassed teamwork element, cheerleading has developed into a challenging and exciting sport with advanced skills now being a requirement for making school squads!  At East Texas Twisters, we specialize in training our athletes in all skill areas of cheerleading, focusing on both basic tumbling and power tumbling specific to the sport.
PEE WEE CHEER CLASSES: Tumbling classes for kids in kindergarten thru 5th grade designed to teach both basic and power tumbling skills and jump techniques for beginners and advanced level athletes.
CHEER/TUMBLING CLASSES:  Tumbling classes for kids 6th thru 12th grade designed to teach both basic and power tumbling skills for beginner and advanced level athletes.

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Available for both boys and girls who are interested in taking cheerleading to a whole new level.  Squads are available for kids of all ages and levels. There is no better way to offer your child an opportunity to grow his/her skills while learning team-work and responsibility. Prep-Teams are also available for children who want to enhance their training to prepare for a team.  Prep-Team is also an excellent way to learn more about the All*Star program and give your child the All*Star experience, without the commitment and expense.



East Texas Twisters offers a Level 1-4 Competitive Gymnastics Program, where serious gymnasts are coached in the four Olympic events: uneven bars, balance beam, vaulting, and floor exercise. This program allows students can expand their skill base, put skills together, and learn USA Gymnastics routines, as well as the rules and policies that are specific to the sport of gymnastics. This program is coached by Celia Storey in the Canton location and Patrick Whaley in the Mineola location,  two of the most outstanding coaches at East Texas Twisters. Athletes participate in gymnastics meets with the TGGA and TAAF associations during the year. Athletes practice anywhere from 1 hour 45 mins a week to 4 hours per week, depending on their level.  If you are interested in enrolling in our Gym*Starz program, please call  903-567-2916.


(5 years to college students / all ability levels)

At East Texas Twisters, we offer the option of Private Lessons for students who would like to have a more private environment for learning and more one-on-one instruction.  We offer these classes to children 5 years to college-age students.  These classes are scheduled when there are no classes or practices going on in the gym and are scheduled individually for a student with a qualified instructor.  The curriculum for these classes will be specifically planned for the individual student to meet his/her goals. 

 Please click on the PRIVATE LESSON link, above for more information.




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